How a team can you help with your FAQ in BIZZLL.
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Welcome to the FAQ page.

How does BIZZLL Work?

The BIZZLL networking works by owning a network and earning commission for each member you bring in.

Membership Details?

BIZZL Member Network

In a BIZZLL Member Network you can list your business, earn commissions, advertise your business at member rates. You can even earn advertising revenue share payments. The cost of this membership is $49.00 per month with no additional fees.

BIZZL City Network

In a BIZZLL City Network you can do everything as a BIZZLL Member Network can do. Featured with owning a city network and sponsoring a city network. The cost of this membership is $99.00 per month with no additional fees.

How do I know where the events are posted?

The events page can tell you all the next networking events coming up. You can even create an event of your own. Simply go to the profile’s page, events, add event, create it and you’ll be all set. If you wish to attend, please contact us and we’ll tell you how to join.

What are groups and how can I join one?

Groups are where you will find every category of each business. You will find all the current members within that category and be able to invite them to your network. If you want to join a group you have to be within that same business category.

How can I change my profile picture?

Go to your profile page, click change profile photo, and from there you will be able to change your picture. It’s best if you put your headshot, everyone will want to know how you look like.

Where do I buy the membership?


Have anymore questions? Contact us for more info, solutions, and  general questions.