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Disruptive Membership Benefits

List Your Business

Your BIZZLL membership includes your business listing besides earning commissions for referring business professionals! Listings are free on BIZZLL and marketed to thousands of potential business leads via SEO, media exposure and a network of other BIZZLL members. 

Earn Commissions

Earn commissions referring your business connections to the BIZZLL network. You earn $24.50 per connection every month. Refer 3 connections per month and by the end of 12 months you’ll be earning over $882 per month just on referrals. 

Own a City Network

Earn 1% override of all your City Network members. Owning a City Network can help you grow your connections and build relationships with others. You can own a City Network once you refer 36 business professionals to BIZZLL. 

Network Live in Your Underwear! Anytime! Anywhere!

No more 6:30 a.m. BNI meetings, spending money on gas, tolls, event fees and expensive membership fees! No more pressure to attend or pressure to refer people! BIZZLL Virtual Networking Meetings are scheduled at convenient times and you attend online from home, your office or even your car. You can even join several chapters and duplicate your contacts and multiply your business without the hassles of impractical, boring and expensive meetings! 

Earn Advertising Revenue Share Payments

50% of Ad Revenues are divided among network members. . You’ll get paid on all ad revenue, from BIZZLL network member ads to outside ads and sponsorship revenue! Revenue Share Payments are paid monthly along with your referral commissions and City Network overrides. 

Don’t give your money to Google or Facebook Ads! It’s your turn to earn advertising revenue! Let’s disrupt the online advertising world together! 

Get Stock Option on BIZZLL

Is BIZZLL the next Facebook? Join BIZZLL and become a shareholder in a new, innovative and disruptive company! Membership for all founders will include the option to purchase 100 shares of The Marketing Annex, Inc., the holding company for BIZZLL, at $1.00 per share after 12 months of continuous membership.

Don’t be like one of those who failed to invest at the beginning of Facebook or Apple! Join today and become a BIZZLL Founder and shareholder!